Website Design Process
Proven Design Process

Our designing process is the result of years of experience in web designing and helps us to serve 100% satisfaction guarantee to our clients. A good designed website gives a great visual interpretation of what your company is about. The understanding of potential and possibilities of a web design and awareness to current web-trends enables us to take your website to next level.

Our web designing process includes following five steps:

  1. Information Discovery
  2. plan
  3. Design and Review
  4. Code and Test
  5. Deliver
Information Discovery

We believe that, understanding the requirements and goals of the client is the most important aspect of designing a website. In this process, our web development team will consult with the client to understand the purpose for the site. Here, we discover the information regarding the intended audience, the content, etc.


In the plan phase, we use the information discovered in first phase to generate a virtual site map to key areas of the website. This site map highlights the important factors of the website which is followed by the analysis of current web design that lists the area of improvements.

Design and Review

The plan phase helps us build the basic block structure of the website, called Wireframe, which gives the logical layout of how the information is going to be placed without giving stress on visual appeal. After finalizing the wireframe, a mockup of the website is created in photoshop, showing the color theme and design elements of the website. Once a mockup is ready, it is sent to the client for review and according to the feedback received from the client changes are made to the design.

Code and Test

Once a mockup gets final, the process for converting it into standard compliant HTML/XHTML. The process includes slicing the images, writing the code, linking CSS for styling and scripting JavaScript for dynamic UI experience. Once a page is coded, it is tested on various parameters, including multi browser compatibility testing, page load speed and on-page SEO.


Once all the testing is done, the site is then uploaded onto the web server and also, tested for any errors like broken links. The design is then delivered to the client.

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